Galasport Caipi Evo

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New for 2023 the CAIPI EVO is a new kayak model from GALASPORT. The CAIPI EVO is a collaboration between Galasport and the top French kayaker and five-time world champion, Boris Neveu.


Developed over a period of four years, with several variations of prototypes along the was a challenge to improve on the world's most popular slalom kayak, the CAIPI FINS. Boris was determined that together we could create an improved design that evolved organically on our successful design of the CAIPI FINS, and we believe we have now achieved this. 


Features of the CAIPI EVO include:-


Integrated fins (ICF approved)

A flatter deck to allow the paddler more space to negotiate under poles

The seat position has been moved back by 3cm (the centre of gravity of the boat has been realigned to reflect this change)

A wider area behind the seat

The sides of the boat are more vertical

The front of the hull has been rounded in design - allowing improved spin and faster speed on the boat

Model Caipi Evo is produced only in Carbolight version

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