Galasport MEG Slalom Paddle One-Piece

Please allow two weeks for the paddle to be assembled and shipped

Size: Medium
Style: 28mm Carbon NoSlide Shaft
Sale price$350.00

Pickup available at Calleva River Supply

Usually ready in 2-4 days


MEG - popular slalom blades with a classic, non-overset shape, designed by top kayaker Jure Meglič of Slovenia, medalist of the WC in Tacen and ECH.

Aleš Kuder also participated in the development of the Meg. Working on the dimensions of the stroke area to ensure the sizes of the blades were graduated, making them suitable for all categories.  Vitek Prindiš for example, uses the Meg carbon elite blade in large.  Full-carbon blades guarantee a balanced, high-quality stroke and perform well in the water during Duffek stroke. Size of MEG L is suitable for top paddlers in men's category.

These blades have integral alloy edges to resist abrasion. Use in salt water is not recommended.

This paddle comes with Galasport's innovative NOSLIDE carbon shaft: " We put the K1 NO SLIDE shaft into production in 2021 after two years of testing. This 100% carbon prepreg shaft is designed and dimensioned for slalom kayakers. It is the first shaft in the world which has a non-slip surface, which guarantees a better grip and reduces the possibility of the shaft slipping unintentionally in the palm of your hand. The pole is suitable for slalom kayakers who want the best."

MEG L blades are produced in the following material options:
02414MONOSTR MEG L MCQ ELITE carbon monoblock with straight shaft with alloy tips
02414 MEG L ELITE large carbon blades with alloy tips
02420 MEG L C/A large carbon/aramid blades with alloy tips
02422BLACK MEG L MULTICOLOR BLACK large diolen blades with alloy tips
02422RED MEG L MULTICOLOR RED large diolen blades with alloy tips

MEG blades are available in four blade sizes: S - small, M - medium, L - large and XL - extra large .

   S  M  L  XL
 Blade length  465 mm  470 mm  475   485 mm
 Blade width  190 mm  192 mm  205   207 mm

Bigger is not better, going larger than you need is counter productive, if in doubt go smaller size.

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