Galasport Omakase

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Just like with the Japanese term „Omakase“, with which you leave the meal selection to the chef, with this boat you take your chances from our main K1 boat designer Boris Neveu, two-time world champion and European champion.
OMAKASE is and upgrade of the CAIPI FINS kayak, also developed by Boris. It is not a replacement for very dynamic CAIPI FINS, which will still continue to have its customers. It is another step further to create a boat, that would have similar characteristics to CAIPI FINS, but without having the fins at the hull. Some customers are skeptical about the fins and still prefer smooth hull and we so we wish we could help. In order to replace fins but keep the boat characteristics same, the angular hull profile was implemented, which made OMAKASE great at holding the line, doesn’t tend to swing back and forth on the course or during acceleration. Making the hull wider in an area formerly addopting fins the kayak gained some more on stability. Rear part of the cockpit area was lowered 10mm compared to CAIPI FINS, so it is very easy to recline without hitting the cockpit edge with your back or pfd. The deck in front of the cockpit was made more flat to make pushing the boat under the gate posts easier. Due to additional minor changes in the stern area, the turning abilities changed for the better as well.

Recommended use Slalom
Width of the boat 60 cms
Length of the boat 350 cms
Suitable for 55 - 100 kgs



Our highest quality racing boat. This lay-up is for the most demanding slalom racers, addressing not only performance but also appearance. We use a combination of 3 types of foam core, MGS epoxy system and superior vacuum bag technology. A carbon surface is laid over a durable carbon/kevlar combination inside the boat. Although seamless on the outside (except for the bow and stern tips for extra protection), it has double seams on the inside. With this new improved construction, we bring to the market a very strong boat with good resistance to damage.

Weight: 7-8 kg

High performance racing construction. We use vacuum bag technology, a combination of 2 kinds of foam core (Spheretex hull), MGS epoxy system, SGL carbon/aramid fabric, outside-inside aramid seams and hard foam-pillars (Styrodur), Suitable for shallow and rocky rivers.

Weight: 7.5-8.5 kg


An economical construction suitable for the beginners. The deck is a combination of carbon-aramid and glass fabric (20:80) with no vacuum technology used. The hull consists of carbon-aramid and glass fabric (50:50) with no vacuum technology used. Outside aramid and inside diolen seam, hard foampillars (Styrodur) protect the whole boat.

Weight: K1 8.8-9.5 kg and C1 9.8-10.2 kg.

Economical construction for beginners. We use epoxy resin, E-glass fabric, 2 sq meters of SGL carbon/aramid fabric under the seat and stiffening ribs in the hull, outside aramid and inside diolen seam, hard foam-pillars(Styrodur).

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