Galasport Torr-Penn C1

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TORR-PENN is a follow-up of successful rocket What Else, the boat that came out of Tony Estanguet’s ideas, the one with which he won his last Olympic Games. One of today’s best single canoeists in the world Nico Gestin put his hands and brains into improving its stability, maneuverability and overal balance of this boat. The stern part was slightly widened, last 80cm at the bow was narrowed and thinned, sides were rounded behind the cockpit and for improved line-holding stability fins were added. It is not a boat for someone looking for canoe with its tip high in the sky all the time, but for those in search of calm stable boat that sometimes solves a problem or two for you.. Recently U-23 World Champion Mewen Debliquy has been riding this boat successfully. Suitable for canoeists from 60 to 80 kg.

Recommended use Slalom
Length of the boat 350 cms
Width of the boat 60 cms
Suitable for up to 85 kgs



Our highest quality racing boat. This lay-up is for the most demanding slalom racers, addressing not only performance but also appearance. We use a combination of 3 types of foam core, MGS epoxy system and superior vacuum bag technology. A carbon surface is laid over a durable carbon/kevlar combination inside the boat. Although seamless on the outside (except for the bow and stern tips for extra protection), it has double seams on the inside. With this new improved construction, we bring to the market a very strong boat with good resistance to damage.

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