SANDI Slim Slalom PFD

Size: Small
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This PFD is produced by Slovenian manufacturer Sandiline for Galasport.  This high quality buoyancy aid comes in  a unique grey design and will provide you with the greatest
possible comfort in movement, which is necessary for paddling.

These days, all the top paddlers use integrated buoyancy aids that are part of the cagdeck or whereby part of the buoyancy can slot into the deck itself.   They tend to be much slimmer at the chest area, allowing the paddler to get closer to the poles, which is critical at the top end of competition, where margins are tight.However, for younger paddlers, beginners, as well as recreational paddlers -  a standard buoyancy aid is the preferred option.
Standard buoyancy aids are less expensive than the integrated options, but the main factor is the safety of the paddler.  A traditional buoyancy aid is a much safer option for younger paddles and beginners, allowing them to gain essential skills on the water, practicing eskimo rolls  in safe conditions,  whilst getting confident around the poles.
The foam in the buoyancy aid is made with high-quality AIREX ensuring correct buoyancy and longevity of the product, if looked after correctly. The BA has an ISO certificate
ISO12402 and complies with all ICF requirements.

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